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Cyrina Thompson hosts a Waldorf-inspired kindergarten out of her straw bale home in Millfield, Ohio, with hopes of giving children a well-rounded childhood experience.

On the waterways of Athens, one can find Mimi Morrison taking people out on kayaks into the sunset. Her mission is to have people slow down and get in touch with the earth.

Shawnee, Ohio, is a shadow of its former self. In 1872, the town was carved out of a hill in mineral-rich Southeast Ohio. Twenty years later, Shawnee boasted a population of 3,266, which has since steadily emptied down to 608 residents who face a decaying Main Street.

Each week, couples from different backgrounds and cultural traditions forgo the pomp and circumstance of a traditional wedding ceremony. They exchange vows on the second floor of the Athens County Courthouse, a two-story red-brick building built in 1880.