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After aging out of the foster-care system, Caeshel Sue Rae Allen became pregnant at 18. Now the father of her unborn child is in jail facing charges on domestic violence, and Caeshel is on her own, struggling to create the life she always wanted.

The women of the Pentecostal Church are complex and fascinating, setting themselves apart from society out of their love for God. This story explores Pentecostal women's joys and challenges in an effort to confront and shatter stereotypes about their faith.

Although oil drilling has taken place in Ohio since the early 1800s, Ohio is not immediately associated with the industry. Explore the interactive graphic to learn more about the process, history and industry of oil in Ohio and in Athens County.

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For a period after drilling began in 1860, Ohio's oil fields were the largest in the world. Today drillers are going back through old fields to squeeze out any oil that may have been missed.

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