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Built in 1868, the collection of red brick structures known as the Ridges has served a variety of purposes - from an insane asylum to a university art museum. This interactive timeline reveals some of the most prominent events of the past 130 years.

The collection of red-brick buildings on the southern edge of Athens is rich with history and secrets. Through this virtual tour visitors can explore The Ridges, including its "haunted" Tuberculosis Ward. Who knows what you might discover.

Junkin’, etymologically speaking, is the act of scouring flea markets and yard sales for conversation pieces rather than museum quality items. This story gives a glimpse of the items themselves, individuals selling these curious objects and those who brave the hunt.

Athens might not be home to the sheer volume of notable musicians as the Georgia town with which it shares its name, but the southeastern Ohio centerpiece puts up a good fight, at least talent-wise.